Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Campers!

Hi There! Here are a couple of pics from my Memorial Day camping trip that might I say was super rainy and wet!! It was actually a big bummer! The dynamics of the entire trip were changed by the weather. These pics were taken during the only sunny morning. But oh well...I guess a bad weekend camping is still better than the best week at work,LOL.

Anyway, the above pics are of my doggies just chillin' and my goofy husband and our little friend Bella. Enjoy! (don't pay attention to the dates on the pics, as I of course, forgot my camera and we bought one on the way to the campground, and I did not set it up).

Hope to get a card on soon! Bear with me!

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes the rain is fun though as you can cuddle up in the trailer! No pictures of the camper???? Need more GF!