Saturday, May 30, 2009

ATVing at Pole Hill

Happy Saturday!

My DH and I got up early this morning to go ATVing up in the mountains. We had a lot of fun on a trail brand new to us. We actually attempted to go on this trail last summer but when we got there it was too crowded so this time we decided to get an early start. It worked!! We were the first ones at the trailhead...yippee!

Here is a picture of me on the trail...

Here is a picture of my DH, Val...

This trail is just outside of the town of Estes Park. Here is a picture of Estes Park at one point on the trail. Just a gorgeous view...Life is great!!

Afterwards, we went into Estes Park and had lunch. While we were there, I snapped a quick shot of the famous Stanley Hotel (top picture). This hotel is gorgeous and is widely known for being the location in the classic scary movie "The Shining" with Jack Nicholson.

Anyway, once again, no cards to post, but sometimes a little ATV therapy is just as good :)
Have a great night!!

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Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Gorgeous!!! Oh I haven't been to Estes Park in years!!! And I agree......ATV rides are just so peaceful and fun!!