Sunday, December 28, 2008

~My Stampin' Studio~

Yes, you read correctly, here are the pictures of my Stamp Room. First things first, that adorable 'Stampin' Studio' saying over my window is Uppercase Living, contact Dani to get your own! I currently share the room with my DH, but I have been slowly taking over the entire room. He has a desk in the room and a bookcase. I am trying to come up with a good reason to move his desk out of the room, and well the bookcase, I could actually utilize for my stuff too, LOL!!I am very pleased with the color on the walls and my curtains and flower pictures. Yes, I made the flower pictures, they were quite easy and fun! I am a firm believer that I need bright and cheery colors in my room to inspire me and keep me upbeat. I put on my I-pod and jam to the tunes while I create my little heart out.

Here is just a picture of my desk/work area. The countertop is 7 feet long and the drawer bases (from Home Depot) are 24 inches wide, which is nice and roomy, but I am already filling those up! As you can see, I love the color!!!

The first drawer on my left side is for embellishments. I keep all kinds of goodies in there. From glitter, rhinestones, Bella baubles, wire, stickles, micro beads, mist sprays, and many other things.

The next drawer is for my tools, and larger embellishments. I keep my tagger, my SU wheels, and brayer and paper crimper in here. I also store my brads and eyelets and such in here as well. I keep all those little guys in 'tic tac' containers in larger clear boxes, I have four of them. I love this idea because I can see everything I have and colors too. I have 1 box for color eyelets, 1 for metallic and neutral eyelets, 1 for snaps, brads and other tiny items. The last one has a few items in it, but it is for growth! I also have 2 little boxes with dividers for larger embellishments that are too big for the tic tac containers.

The third drawer down is for miscellaneous ribbon (that doesn't go on the ribbon holder) and silk and paper flowers. I always seem to keep buying flowers but I never seem to use them that often. I love flowers though!

The last drawer on my left side is a large, deep drawer. Here I keep all my embossing stuff and flocking stuff. I also keep all my Twinkling H2O's here as well. They are in three plastic boxes arranged by color (see photo, this is the red/pink/purple box).

The right drawer base has four drawers also. I did not take pictures of this side as they are not that interesting to see. The first one is my "everyday use" drawer. I keep my paper cutter, stampin scrubber, signature stamp, address book, note paper, mostly used scissors, and my SU paper color sample ring here too. I pretty much keep anything you can imagine in this drawer.

The next two drawers are for writing/coloring tools, misc. tools, adhesives, and cutting tools.

The bottom drawer on this side have my SU markers in and I keep all my card samples in photo albums. I am currently setting up a new card sample system, so once that is done I should have more room in this drawer. BTW, my Crop Big Bite is here too.

Okay, now at the top of my desk is my ink pad holers, and my ribbon holders. On top of my one ribbon holder are little jars with buttons and brads and page tabbers. I also have jars for ribbons, paper flowers, etc. Above that little shelf is a magnetic strip for pictures, notes etc.

For the BEST part of my stamping room is my stamp storage!! I am soooo excited to tell you about it. I found these file cabinets at Hobby Lobby for $50.00 each a few summers ago. They were the cabinets for McCalls patterns and such. I spray painted the outside a more pleasing color. Each cabinet has 7 drawers and they are absolutely the BEST storage system I have seen to date for SU stamps beacuse I do not have to stack my sets. I LOVE THEM!!!! The baskets on top of one of the cabinets is for new catalogs I haven't read and one is for new stamp sets I haven't put on blocks yet.

Here is a picture of inside a drawer of stamps. This particular drawer is all my wordy stamps. I have each drawer separated by the sections in my SU catalog. This way I find it very easy to find a set I am looking for or I can open a drawer by category and pick a set I want to use such as flowers. As you can tell each drawer holds quite a lot of sets. The other picture is how I label my drawers. I used business card magnets and made my one labels for them. Cute idea huh?

Here is another drawer which I currently store my Cricut and Cuttlebug in.

I also have two over the door shoe hangers, one I hold all my punches in and the other is for fibers. The punch one is behind the door to the room and the other is hanging inside the closet door.

Inside the little walk-in closet I have a lateral file cabinet that I keep all my SU cardstock in. I also have all my magazines on top of the file cabinet. Also from HL, I have 2 of the 12x12 paper holders. As you can see, I also have a new "Clip it" organizer which I have yet to utilize. Hanging on the wall is another stamp pad holder since I ran out of room at my desk (all those darn SU In colors, ha ha). Underneath that I have some pegboard hung up with miscellaneous embellishments on it. I tend to 'stock-up' on things like crazy when there is a good sale or clearance...

Lastly , here are just a couple more photos of my room. Here is my spice rack from Ikea that I keep more flowers in and coordinating buttons. The other one is just a picture is of a couple of cool pictures on my wall. I found these in Indiana. One says 'Inspire" and the other 'Imagine'. In the photo you can alse see my other filing cabinet for stamps too!

I hope you enjoyed checking out my Stampin Studio! I really enjoy spending time in there being creative... Have a wonderful evening!


Anonymous said...

WHOLLY CRAP! Now that is a craft room, put mine to shame!! Seriously, I absolutely love it! You are very organized! I think you have more stuff than I do and I dont know what to do about that. I guess go shopping!! LOL Love the colour and everything about it. Char loves green so she will go crazy!

Erin K said...

What a beautiful studio you have! It must be so inspiring to work in there. :)

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME????!!! OMG!!!! Jolene this is to die for. You are so organized. It's awesome. I love every detail. I will share my room one day too. I love it and it's brand new so I haven't got the guts to actually hang anything on the walls yet (but I am thinking one of those rub ons from Dani is a must!) You inspire me to clean my room. haha. Thanks for sharing. It's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jolene!!! Amazing Craft Room!!! So fun and incredible! We need to get together, soon!

Karen T. =)

Deanna said...

Wow wow wow, it looks awesome! You have so much stuff but it is organized create! Love it!

steph said...

Wow you are soooo organised! I daren't put pics of my room on lol!! x